When A Book Becomes An Artist Book

A short recap from a recent lecture at NBLA by Brooke Holve:   brooke holve book art

When a book becomes an artist book, a transformation occurs in the process of making from its conventional form to another — a process than can be mysterious. What is the convention? The book?

brooke holve book art

Artists have challenged common assumptions about the nature of the book and its conventional form through the making of artist books. Some approaches to making artist books are:

brooke holve book art

brooke holve book art

Please join us for more upcoming NBLA events at the print shop in Sebastopol...

Upcoming Event: NBLA at Kitty Hawk Gallery

-1 This summer there will be a show of letterpress art at the kitty hawk gallery of Sebastopol. Eleven artists who use the local printshop managed by the NBLA will have their wide-ranging work on display. Included are book art pieces; linocuts; collages; poetry books; posters… & some innovative printing not easily described.

The show runs from June 4th to July 26th,
with an opening reception Friday June 10th, from 5:00-8:00.
kitty hawk gallery is at 125 N. Main Street, the old downtown of Sebastopol.