In-House Type Project

The In-House Type Project sprang from one of the many early-morning around-the-table discussions, this one about ways to participate in celebrating Poetry Month and it turned into: a randomly selected Typeface du Jour, using only sorts in the case -- no dingbats / cuts / ornaments -- as a means of exploring and educating ourselves about the in-house type, and the ways a particular type impacts and extends means of expression.


The pages were printed and bound by various past and present co-op members -- a group of printers and artists who use the shop regularly. The completed book is now available to purchase for $25. Perhaps you will pick one up next time you visit the printshop!

Eric Johnson, Rod Buchignani, katie marie nealon, Tiana Krahn, Lyn Dillin, Megan Arnold, Jami Taback, Cheryl Pfiel Von Der Heyde, judi goldberg, Pauline Minser, Susan Amalia, & Brooke Holve