all ways know- chapbook [judi]

below are excerpts from judi goldberg‘s blog on the creation of the ALL WAYS KNOW- chapbook, a collaboration between three members of the NBLA Co-Op. see megan's perspective here and katie’s perspective here.

between the letters

i m p r o v is atio al se r end ip ity

There’s no denying, it the words into a poem come together differently when you have the time ✼ between the letters ✼ it takes to typeset

e a c h w o r d

Never pulled a good (enough) print so here it is, composed (and edited) at the case, in the raw

judi goldberg letterpress printing

It will become part of a book of poems (in collaboration with Megan Arnold and Katie Nealon) composed at the case

if you want to work on your own book art or printing project, don’t hesitate to contact the NBLA.


Poems composed at the type case at Iota Press in Sebastopol, California during National Poetry Month 2015

Megan A. Arnold judi goldberg katie nealon