Jami Taback

Skip Slur
Artist Book with Clamshell Box (five pages): solar plate etchings, monoprints, letterpress
5.5 x 8 x 2 inches

I create these books to further tell the stories of art adventures in printmaking experienced through the media of books. As a younger person, when needing information on a subject, I was told to “Look it up in the dictionary; go to the library and read a book about it”. This was the way to find something out-researching a subject fully was the way to learn. It was scholarly. Today if I need to find something out I can google it and get a few sentences about it immediately. Information has been reduced from pages and pages in books to a few short lines. Our life has been cropped; short-cut to the quickest answer. People tell me they no longer have the patience to read for long periods of time anymore.

With a few words and unique imagery a different and more stimulating to the mind experience occurs leading the viewer to wander to places far away on a Visual Odyssey.


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