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The Leporello Accordian Fold

The Leporello Accordian Fold


with Pauline Minser (228 Press)

The term Leporello refers to printed material folded into an accordion-pleat style. Sometimes called the concertina fold, it is a method of parallel folding with the pleats alternating front and back. The name likely comes from the manservant, Leporello, in Mozart’s Opera Don Giovanni. The famed rogue and lover Giovanni has seduced so many women that when Leporello displays a tally of his conquests, it unfolds accordion style into a shockingly long list! This style of book can be used to tell a story, present artwork, display photos or can be purely visual.

During a 6 hour workshop, learn how to fold paper and adhere pages to make accordion bound structures, each with 6-8 pages, including two cover variations.

You will learn the basic folding and assembly techniques and ultimately create this accordion book on your own with selected papers, photos and ephemera.

Pauline Minser is a printmaker and artist, a member of the Studio Printers at North Bay Letterpress Arts and infatuated with the Leporello binding. Share her excitement in creating your own hand-bound book, and be prepared to return home or to your studio to create more.

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