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"Overlaption" Linoleum Printed Books

"Overlaption" Linoleum Printed Books


November 11, 2017
with Macy Chadwick

With an emphasis on creative play, this workshop will expand possibilities for creating images on the Vandercook.

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Each participant will carve two linoleum block shapes and print them in overlapping layers, then bind their prints into a simple five-page Leporello accordion book.

Students will be inspired by the creative possibilities of creating images on the Vandercook, and binding the resulting prints into a book.

There is a materials fee of $20 included in the price of the class. Instructor will provide linoleum, paper, and carbon paper for transferring drawings.

What to Bring:
- Linoleum carving tools (Speedball is a cheap and readily available brand, wood carving tools are also good)
- Sharpie marker
- Basic toolbox: x-acto knife, scissors, pencil, eraser, paper for sketching, ball point pen
- Interesting silhouettes for shape inspiration