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Letterpress Art Quarterly

Letterpress Art Quarterly


One year of Art in Your Mailbox. Shipments every three months.

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What if you could get art in the mail every three months? Original, limited-edition, letterpress art, printed by  local artists, poets, and printers ?

You can…if you subscribe to the Letterpress Art Quarterly project for only $60 a year. Each mailing will contain three pieces: abstract graphics, poetic broadsides, or just about anything else letters will do on paper when we put the squeeze on them.

By subscribing, you will not only receive twelve original art pieces a year, you will also be helping support the only workshop of its kind in this area. North Bay Letterpress Arts (NBLA) is a nonprofit 501c(3) group, based in Sebastopol. We operate an authentic oldstyle printshop, but it is also an experimental commons for those who are fascinated by the graphic powers of letterpress. We host printing workshops, conduct tours of the collection of old presses and type, and our bemusement park is always open to the public

If you think it important to have a center of alphabetically-devoted artists in the North Bay, please sign up for our quarterly mailings.