Print Your Project

Aside from taking a Spring or Fall workshop, there is an opportunity to print in the shop if you have a project in mind. Use of the equipment depends on your experience & weekly availability.



Typsetting & Shop Knowledge

Did you know that we have over 200 typefaces to print with? In this first introductory class, you will learn the basics of typesetting, as well as familiarize yourself with the printshop and all of the possibilities within it. Given that this is a shared workspace, it is important to get to know the layout of the shop so everything returns to its right place at the end of the day.


Cylinder Press Basics

In the second class, you will use a Vandercook SP-15 cylinder press to print what you have typeset in the previous session. The cylinder press is also known as a proof press. You will learn the basic mechanics of the machine, as well printing and clean up.


Platen Press Basics

To complete your training, we will take your type-set forme to the Chandler & Price platen press. You will learn how to lock your forme within a chase and print in production-mode with this treadle-powered press. With your mechanics, printing, and clean up knowledge, you should be comfortable experimenting with the other platen presses in the shop on your own.

project-based membership

After completing training, many people have projects in mind that they would like to use the shop for. This might be a small run of hand-printed and bound poetry chapbooks, personalized notecard sets, or something else. The next step will be to reserve a monthly project-based membership. For $200 per month, you will have 32 hours of access to the shop (8 hours per week). We will discuss your schedule and fit you in with other members using the shop. Ready to get started?