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Medieval Limp-Vellum Bookbinding

Limp Vellum Bookbinding
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with Nicky Yeager

Saturday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Materials Fee: $75 to be paid to instructor

This class is designed to combine the history of making books with the craft of making a medieval book used by students, family historians and artists. It is a soft-cover book but is quite strong and resilient while being light enough to carry.

Students will be presented with an initial lecture about the progression of bookbinding and why a structure such as a limp-vellum binding would be used instead of a wooden-board book.

Time will be spent folding signatures, pre-punching them, sewing onto cords, sewing headbands and making the limp vellum cover before lacing it on and adhering the endsheets.

Throughout the class, information about materials, techniques and use will be discussed.


Fold paper into 7 signatures
Make 2 hooked endleaf bifolia and wrap around first and last signature
Punch holes for sewing
Cut 3 alum-tawed thongs @ 4.5", slit 1/2”  in center, then twist for double thong sewing supports
Tape thongs to edge of workbench, for sewing (in lieu of a sewing frame)
Sew textblock
Glue up textblock in book press (2 c-clamps and pine boards)
Cut cloth for spine liner
Prep for sewing end bands
Take measurements for cutting vellum and spine liner
Punch holes in spine liner
Paste up spine liner
Cut vellum
Fold turn-ins on vellum
Sew endbands
Lace textblock into vellum wrapper
Paste down end sheets


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An online exhibition that is now only available at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

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